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Worrying about shaking carputer

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  • Worrying about shaking carputer

    Im about to install a carputer in my car but my car does 145.5db at 29hz port and im fixing to raise the port and double power and make a larger box for SPL comps about 151db then if im lucky. Im just worried about messing up the Carputer, is there any precautions i should take into mind about this?

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    That might cause a problem with the hard drive. Either 1: Replace the hard drive with a laptop model and use a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter kit ( sells them for $10) or much cheaper and faster, move the computer out of the trunk.

    Sounds like you got your system down though, good job! My Single Kappa Perfect 12.1D pushed by a 250W Class D Zapco amp in a sealed box (.66 cu ft) is plenty loud for me though =)



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      I drive a SUV, It makes a bottle jump out of the cup holder i was just going to take out the Console and put it there or in the glove compartment


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        You haven't searched:
        Ford Focus MP3 : Blog Updated 29 January 2009!
        Car PC Status: Complete - Undergoing Software Redevelopment