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What is the most popular mini itx board

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  • What is the most popular mini itx board


    I am currently doing research for a carputer and am wondering what the most popular mini itx board that people use is. I eventually want the carputer to do everything, radio, mp3, dvd, satnav, with front end and voice.

    I want to use on the the mini itx DIN cases. It seems to be that the m10000 is very popular just wondering if any others are widly used.

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    Have a around and look at peoples sigs. The most popular I have seen are the Via MII 10000, Via MII 12000 and the Via 800 (don't know the full model number)
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      Check out this thread, it should give you some idea. Otherwise search about and check out other sigs.
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        M10000 is very popular. M12000 less so, but basically a faster M10000. I've seen a few people with 800's.

        The M10000 will do everything you are asking, although I wouldn't expect it to do all of that at once. Today I had Frodoplayer, Bruno Speech Recognition, Delorme Street Atlas and GPSSecure all running at once and the processor was in the 60-70% occupied range. It was also speaking the commands as well.
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        I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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          I think almost everyone uses the VIA M1000
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            Originally posted by rsantos97
            I think almost everyone uses the VIA M1000
            So true. Still, the best MiniITX is dead MiniITX
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              Mini-Itx DIN cases are not exactly DIN. They are sticking out of the dashboard. The shortest is 20cm in length (AutoCan) which is very expensive though. Just check your DIN to so if it will fit!
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