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Has anyone used S/PDIF out on EPIA motherboard?

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  • Has anyone used S/PDIF out on EPIA motherboard?

    I'm having a bit of a problem. The digital out is working from the motherboard and I get sound from my MP3s and CDs (using DAE). But, I can't get the line-in or mic-in to feed through the digital output.

    It's really ****ing me off and I have a feeling that the VIA just doesn't support an analog input when using the digital out. The Line-in (and mic) is unmutted in volume control and maxed out, but I hear nothing. When I go into sound recorder it can record it and when I play it back I can hear it.

    So - is there a program that can feed the line-in and mic analog inputs into the WAVE output? I suppose basically I'd need a program that's recording these inputs into a buffer and then playing it almost in real-time. This sounds doable - no? I might just say heck with it and use my sound card ....although I really wanted to ditch PCI cards.

    Any suggestions?
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    pardon me, but you have not activated "Enable smart 5.1" in advanced audio pannel settings, have you? If you did, switch it off. The only option to be activated is "Enable SPD/IF".


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      Well I have the old Via 800Mhz ...the original.

      In volume control under Advanced there's only the one option "enable SPDIF output." That's checked.

      Under the actual audio settings (windows) in control panel I changed speakers from 2-channel to 5.1 surround.

      But I didn't see any specific "smart 5.1"
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        somehow, I expected you to have EPIA M with VT1616 codec.... so thats not a case.


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          I tried installed RealTec AC'97 Drivers. What an improvement - you get a lot more features with these drivers! But, didn't solve my problem. I might have to just throw the SantaCruz back in the PCI slot. I was really hoping to use it for a new video card w/ widescreen support
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            i have the same problem. You would have known that if you searched though.

            I haven't found a fix though. It appears that the line in and mic just loop to the line out.

            I ended up running analog RCA as well as the spdif to my DSP
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              Okay now I'm mad. I gave up on the VIA and put my turtle beach santa cruz back in and whatdayou know .......SAME THING! I can't get line-in and mic to loop back out through my digital, which doesn't make any sense because it was working 100% before.

              The only thing I did was an nLite windows xp install guess what - I'm going back to windows bloated edition.

              Any ideas what services/programs I might have removed from my nLite that I wasn't supposed to?
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