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Adding Aux to my Alpine head unit

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  • Adding Aux to my Alpine head unit

    Hey guys, I have a tdm-7544 tape head unit, it has an mbus adapter on the back of it, so I tried to hook up the kcm-122b adapter to give me RCA jacks. The adapter fit in perfectly but it wouldnt enable the AUX input when I clicked on Source. So does anyone know how I can tap into the AUX input on the headunit I own?

    Thanks again.


    If this headunit doesnt support it is there a headunit that you can recommend that is under $90 dollars?

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    On on my ai-net bus i had to ground the audio interrupt in wire (pink w/ black or pink w/ white if i remember right).. then it would switch to aux in.
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      My head unit (pioneer though) has a function in the main setup menu (where clock setting is) to turn on aux in. I had to do this before I could select it with "source."
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        I have an alpine head unit, I have to into menu and turn aux on before I can select it in source. Maybe you have to do the same.


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          I have same HU, i are looking for PIC code, but my code found in the web doesn't function with a PC or piC. I need more info about the clock presicion, moment and special secuence to LIE to HU about the existance of CD


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            I don't think you can do it with that "old" M-BUS HU.
            I have dig into this option for a long time and give up. You have to have the CDC hookup and cut in to the audio signal. Other than that, there is no aux in thru M-BUS.
            Why not use tape adapter? Is is sound much better than you think. That is what I use on my TDM-7534.
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              Because I never want lost a WAR!!!! Ha-ha-ha


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                on my head unit, a 9803, you press and hold the F button, then press the next and previous buttons until "AUX" is selected, then press band to activate AUX instead of the cd-Changer

                I could not find a decent high res pic of your head unit, but if there is a function button, or a "setup" button, press and hold that and see if that works


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                  Tape adapters suck. I got a XM SKYFI 2 for father's day and have been using the tape adapter but got sick of it sounding like poo. So I tried to wire an 3.5mm adapter into the the CD changer port, with no luck. I ended up having to leave the cd changer connected but cut the audio line and connect from there. It sounds soooo much better. I can even using my Creative jukebox. Sweet.