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Carputer won't boot off desktop power supply

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  • Carputer won't boot off desktop power supply

    So after a few days in the car, I decided to pull my CPU so I could set a bunch of software up from the comfort of my desk.

    I pulled out the integrated Opus 90W, and hooked up the output cables from a Shuttle computer power supply (200W).

    The carputer comes up to the boot screen, beeps, and runs the memory test.

    Then it just hangs.

    Any thoughts? Everything was running great through the Opus in the car, and I believe this is how I had things hooked up way back when I was first setting stuff up...



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    Did you try taking the cpu back to oyu car.....??
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      All the cables are plugged in right? 12V processor rail, main power, all that? RAM in tight?
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        If you have a PSU that can output 7.5A on the 12V line just use that to power the opus 90 and dont mess with the internal connections.


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          I thought I read here that that was bad...



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            nope. if you you will see that is have been recommended as a way to test your setup on your bench. Just use a couple of wires in the ATX connector to tuen on the PSU.