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Sound Card discussion, 4.1, sound quality, need help

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  • Sound Card discussion, 4.1, sound quality, need help

    Ok, so i have a thread going about the Audigy 2 NX usb sound card that I have. I have heard that this card give some great quality over my Via onboard sound. I am quite a freak when it comes to sound quality and now I have come to a road block.

    To get my subs to work, I HAVE to set the sound card to 5.1 output and bass redirection. This means the bass from my mids are now redirected to my sub. When your running 5.1, the mid bass is redirected and if you set the software to 4 speakers, the sub will not work. It sounds ok, but the fronts need midbass. I think some have just settled for this, however, I am not happy. Along with this, sound blasters software does not save its settings on reboot!

    So, I am on a quest for a sound card ,preferably USB but I think that is wishful thinking, that

    A: gives me front rear and sub outputs and outputs true 4.1 stereo (i do not need 5.1 in my car).

    B: has decent EQ and software settings

    C: Had very good sound quality

    I am curious what everyone has to say.
    My BMW 2004 330i

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    RME 9636

    Course, it ain't cheap.
    2000 Grand Prix Carputer Project