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help help help!! what resistor thingie shud i use for these LEDS?

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  • help help help!! what resistor thingie shud i use for these LEDS?

    hey guys wsups im planing on making LED break / turn / running lights for my explorer using

    i wanted to know what resistor thingie or whatever would i use to bring the voltage down from 12volt to run the leds? thanks!!!!!!!1

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    There’s a guide on LEDs here

    Basically you need to know how much current the LED is going to need, too much and it'll blow, to little and it'll only work to a portion of its full potential.

    A LED& resistor calculator can be found here

    The Forward voltage will be the 12V rail of your car, so put 12V in there, the other two pieces of info are specific to the LED, so in your case you need a 330 Ohm resistor, which is orange orange brown, for that nice LED on e-bay, look around though, you might find some in bulk and cheeper
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      nice info ty - thx man

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        make sure you calculate the amount of current the resistor will need to handle. most of the cheap resistors you buy from radio shack are 1/4 watt.
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          np, I've been in the PC modding scene for quite a while so changing the LED in a mouse from red to blue is almost trivial to me now, but wherever I can help I will,
          Pleased to be of assistance
          Thank you for reminding me
          Voltage equals Current (I) by Resistance

          Power equals Voltage by Current

          Current in Amps
          Voltage in Volts
          Resistance in Ohms
          Power in Watts

          A better calculater

          A good LED tutorial

          So a Safe power rating is .43 Watts, the quarther watt ones will probably overheat
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            damn thanks for the info! its still kinda confusing :-P imma go to radio shack today and c what i can find there

            do you know any place i can get bulk leds for cheep??


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              I'm from Ireland, so the only places of any use to me are the English relailers,Maplin and Rapid

              Try Super Bright LEDs, they're American
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                i just talked to one of my friends he said if i wired 4 or 5 leds in series it will pull 12 volts witout a resistor or n e thing


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                  True, here's some rules



                  You may not need a resistor, but check this calculator just incase
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                    nice im going to go to the store in like 30 minz and c what i can find im prolly gonna do 100 LEDS in each light 20 rows of 5 leds each

                    i wanted to know if i used i think its called dual polarity leds its 2 lights in 1 housing will those work for my turn signals and running lights

                    my setup right now is 1 bulb that does my turn signals break lights and running lights when u hit the break its brighter then the running lights

                    or should i do it so out of the 20 rows 10 light up for runing lights and 10 light up for break lights

                    running lights on
                    ROW 1
                    ROW 2
                    ROW 3
                    ROW 4
                    ROW 5
                    ROW 6



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             thas how my light looks by the wya


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                        There are 2 types of dual polarity LEDs(as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong)

                        One of them have 2pins, the other have 3

                        The ones which have 2pins, when you put voltage tru them one way they light up one colour, the other way they light up the other colout, eg red/green (like on the momitor I'm looking @now)

                        The type with 3pins, have a common + or common - , when you connnect tru +¹ to the - (or vice versa) one colour appears, if you put it through the +² to the - the other appears. The thing is, If you put voltage through both you usually get a mixed colour, like blue and red turn into orange

                        Do you have a Voltmeter and a friend handy to check how the lights are wired in your car?
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                          hey i just picked up 200 clear housing red leds and 40 180 ohm 1/4 resistors guy said wire up 5 leds in series and then throw on 1 resistor for every 5 in the end just plug in the +'s and -'s into one wire and stick it into the harness i wried up one set to test it out and its awsome its bright as hell!


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                            Make sure that the LEDs are not getting excessive current! if 5 LEDs are in series then the resistor 1/4 watt is fine because it only drops 2 volts or so.
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                              I don't think 5000mcd is nearly enough to be seen in daylight.
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