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  • Laptop IDE to USB

    Is there anyway to convert a laptop IDE drive to a usb cable? I want to mount my dvd/cdrom drive in my dash but i fear that a ide cable running all the way to the trunk isn't such a good idea.
    2004 Mazda3s

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    Sure there is.......

    Use a slim cd - IDE adapter and then an IDE - USB cable

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      Yeah look for a USB2 or firewire ---> ide adapter. they come in various types and you may have to use a slim drive ---> IDE adatper and then an IDE ---> USB adapter. the mp3car store has some adapters (link above) or you can hack a USB2/firewire slim optical drive enclosure.


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        alright cool. I already have the slim -> ide adapter. im going to get the ide to usb2 w/ power adapter now.
        2004 Mazda3s