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IDE->USB (a different kind of problem)

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  • IDE->USB (a different kind of problem)

    I have a strange problem with my Slimline Slot Load DVD/CDRW on an IDE->USB converter.

    Recently I switched from using an Opus 90W to an inverter + AC->DC setup because I was sick of not being able to find a stable DC->DC PSU solution. My current setup is as follows:

    175W AC->DC Inverter with kill switch in the dash.
    90Watt MATX PSU
    Via Epia MII10000
    256MB DDR
    40GB 2.5 Laptop HD
    WinTV USB Tuner
    Panasonic Slimline Slot Load DVD/CDRW
    Lilliput 8inch Touch Screen
    Logitech QuickCam

    With this new inverter setup everything works great. I flip the kill switch to turn the inverter on and I have momentary button I push to turn the computer on.

    This is what I cannot figure out. With this new setup everytime I get in my car and start the computer up it doesn't recognize the DVD/CDRW. The only what to get it to recognize is to unplug it from the USB port and then plug it back in and then Windows will see it. If I do a restart in Windows it's still there but if I shut it down and turn off the inverter and then turn it back on it won't recognize it again. Any ideas? Otherwise it works just fine.

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    how is the drive powered? through the DC-AC converter or the computers power supply?


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      Through the power supply with an extended Molex connector.


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        the the run for the USB cable longer than 16'?

        can't think of anything else......


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          do you have sp2 from windows?

          maybe that;s the problem!


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            The USB cable is 10 inches and no SP2 is not installed. Running XP Pro SP1A


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              I have some problem like that and this is my sugestion:

              Check that:
              A.The whole ide connector is plug all the way in to the slim drive to ide adapter.....
              B.Check that power is tight in the slim drive adapter.
              C.Check power settings in control panel.....

              if everyhing looks fine just:
              Get in to the bios and load default settings......(maybe something related to usb and power settings)Turn on and see it that fix it.

              If not ....try this then:

              Turn the puter on.........get in to windows('cause you said the driver is not there after powering on)log off..... log on.... if you see the little icon next to the clock with the green arrow remove with right click (then you have that popup window that say is safe to remove hardware) if not is ok just turn off pc.

              Unplug puter from inverter.......remove jumper J1 the bios (the one that clen the bios)
              or remove battery (depents of the mobo).
              Turn on correct time and day get in to windows and check what happen

              If that doesn't do it maybe you have a bad ide/slim adapter or ide/usb or both.
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                I've tried one of these IDE to USB converters before and was having similar problems. Eventually I just gave up on it and positioned the dvd drive closer to the pc.

                Also, just as a suggestion to make things a little easy, there should be an option in your mobo bios to have the computer startup on power. So, when you turn the inverter on your computer will automatically start up without you having to push the power button. It's a small change that saves you from pushing the power button to boot up the computer. That's how I have it setup in my car.


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                  I'm having the same problem. I powered the drive from the MB, not the PS (need both 5V and 12V, and the PS only puts out 12V).

                  I applied Minlogon before connecting the IDE->USB adaptor, and am using TinyXP, which I am not sure if it has SP2.

                  Any ideas? Going to take minlogon off and see if that helps.


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                    I have searched and this same problem has been posted several tims, each with no solution - someone help! please!


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                      mine's doing the same thing. won't survive hibernation. It's really beginning to **** me off...