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Plans on GMC Jimmy 99

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  • Plans on GMC Jimmy 99

    Im building a 13cu.ft box for 2 15" SQ subs (elemental designs) in a ABC enclosure, should be around 153db. Im getting around to install a carputer with a VGA lilliput in the dash and the head unit in the overhead console. This is the hard part im trying to figure out and i need help. Im thinking about buying a OEM or Refurbished Projector to hook up to my carputer to play movies and whatnot for the weekends and at home use it as a big screen tv in a sense. But im trying to figure out where to put it where it wont get hurt or in the way. If you guys know anywhere i can buy a pretty good projector or a good cheap one please post. In about 6-7 months im going to install Airbags, i was wondering if there was anyway i could control them through the carputer?

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