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Cubid 2699 case with 3.5" HD plus PCI ???

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  • Cubid 2699 case with 3.5" HD plus PCI ???

    I have the case with a 3.5" HD already fitted, I want to use a Geforce PCI card to get 800x480 on my Xenarc.
    Does anyone know if one will fit with the bigger HD ??

    As you can see the HD comes pretty far back, unfortunately I don't have a video card to try...or the riser card.

    I'm querying this after reading this...

    The cubid 2699R is a well built case, but is let down by poor airflow and unreliable noisy fans. A 3.5" hard drive partially blocks the holes designed to keep it cool. If anything larger than a very small pci card is fitted, such as a wireless or adsl modem, then because of the harddrive bay position the card can be bent up towards the top of the case, coming too close for comfort. We fitted a plastic barrier onto the inside of the case to prevent the back of the pci card from touching. So if you want to fit a large pci card, don't fit a harddrive, and if you want to not use the fans, don't fit a 3.5" hard drive either. With the right setup the case works well and is silent, but in our opinion is not suitable for any system that needs a full size harddisk, as it either gets too hot or too noisy.

    Old setup
    Epia M10k, Cubid 2699R case, 512MB, 40GB 3.5" drive
    New setup
    Optiplex 260SX (2.8GHz P4, 512MB, 30GB, DVD)
    Xenarc 700IDT, USB hub, 802.11g, bluetooth, P2140, P5V

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    You'll likely need to find a half-height GeForce card. They are out there.
    If not, you can always mount the hard drive externally or switch to a 2.5" laptop HDD.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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