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  • Cable question

    I hope I have this in the correct forum. Also this is not directly related to the car but I figured someone on this forum would have an answer for me.

    Is it possible for me to make my own DVI cable? I need one that is around 30 ft long for my home. I do not think I can use a premade one either but have not tried yet.

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    Why can't you use a premade one?
    First result on goolge for "long dvi cable" came up with this link, 30' long.

    Don't know if you can build your know, I've never seen anyone make one.
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      It would be more truble to build your own, just buy one. you should try ebay they got good cheap cables.
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        This cable is for my home theater. I would love to be able to use a store bought but I have to run the cable through a piece of pvc. The pipe goes under the foundation of my home and up a wall into the attic. It is not likely I will be able to pull the cable through with all the other wires already in the pipe.That is why I am trying to find out if I can make my own. I have also thought about cutting the cable and soldering it back together.


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          Cutting and soldering it back together would be easier than making your own.
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            Maybe instead of cutting the wires, you could figure out how to cut the plastic peice in half and remove it so it would become more slender
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              That is good idea 0131 if not I guess I will just have to cut it. Thanks for the replies.


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                I have a couple questions... first off, what size pipe (PVC) do you have these cables running through? I assume 1"-1" or bigger of you wouldn't even be able to consider putting the DVI cable through WITH the ends on. Next question is what other cables and wires do you have running through the pipe? You mentioned that you don't think the pre-made DVI cable will make it through with the other cables in the pipe. Here are a couple of my thoughts... first off, IF the other cables weren't in the pipe already, could you get the DVI able through? IF so, can you pull the other cables out and then pull the DVI cable in with everything (leading with the DVI cable)? One concern with pulling cables into a pipe/conduit that already has wires in it, is that you can "burn" the insulation of the existing wires from the friction of the new wire pulling in against it... your much better off ganging up all your wires together (again, leading with the DVI cable since it has a larger end/head) and pulling them in at one time. You wouldn't want to burn the insulation off other wires causing a short which might produce a fire hazard or just poor signal quality. Another thing... I assume your not pulling this cable into a conduit with high-voltage (120V-240V) wires... but in case you are... this could cause noise transfer to your signal wires and really isn't a good idea anyway. Anyway, I hope my babbleing helps... Good luck!
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