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  • Newbie DVD Drive Question

    Hey Everyone,
    I am in the early stages of planning my system, and am gathering a list of components I will need. Right now I am looking for a DVD/CD drive that I can install in one of my "mail slots" behind the passenger seat in my 350Z. It is about the size of a standard DIN opening, and I would like something that is black and slot-loading if possible. I suppose it needs to be USB powered, in order to connect to the PC that would be installed in the other slot. Ideally I could find a computer case that is this size with the drive in the front, eliminating the need for an external drive. Any recommendations for either?



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    please. been talked about numerous times.

    since im a fun noob-loving joe (most of the time anyhow ), im going to start you off with a few search terms:

    "DVD Slot Load"
    "IDE USB"

    and as far as a DIN size complete carpc, iirc, there is one in the mp3car store. although it is longer than a standard headunit, so make sure you have enough room behind the dash for it.
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      DVD Drive

      Thanks, and I apologize for my ignorance but I think what I really meant to say was that I am really just looking for a whole system that will fit in my "mail slot" with a drive accessible from the front. The PC case I saw in the MP3car store had a photo that really wasn't clear enough to tell if the drive was in that position; I suppose I have to go ahead and measure the space I am talking about and repost. I will do my HW first next time, promise!


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        has a spot for a slim drive and fits in a single-din slot.
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          Well its a bit optimistic to say that it will fit in a din slot. It will probably stick out about 2 Inches....Depends on the vehicle of course...but it always does susually!
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            which is exactly what i mentioned in my first reply. width and height wise, it will fit a din slot just fine, but make sure you have enouigh room behind the dash for the length part of it.
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              I think you should look at this thread here...

              Really though, the Z has so much room for stuff like this, unless you absolutely need to use the mailbox, there is lots of other space to be found. For instance there is quite a bit behind and below the glove box. There is the factory sub location if you happen to be lucky enough not to have the Bose system.



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                Search the "Show off your project" forum for a Z install. You'll see where others have placed the hardware.
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                I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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