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Add PCI cards to laptop via cardbus/pcmcia

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  • Add PCI cards to laptop via cardbus/pcmcia

    so here is my dilema:
    i have a laptop with the audigy 2 zs notebook pcmcia sound card. this card has a docking cable that plugs into the card, and has 1/8" mini-jack cables at the end (3ft long maybe). i'm in the process of buying all kinds of super-high quality car audio equip, and I'm worried that this docking cable may bottle-neck something (someone confirm?).
    EDIT: Upon looking at this docking cable again, the female minijack connectors don't look as cheap as i first thought, and they at least LOOK gold plated... I may buy a few of those zu cables and try this out before buying a $700 pci adapter and a new $100 sound card

    I got to thinking this after someone recommended this high quality high expense minijack-->rca cable (i'd need 3):

    So then i got to thinking about if there is some adapter or box out there that would let me use a pci card on a laptop, probably via mini-pci or cardbus/pcmcia. This would mean I could have an audigy 4 card, and plug those zu cables right into it, without any silly couplers to a silly docking cable to a silly sound card.

    I stumbled upon this:
    Problem is, its a good $700:
    EDIT: $1000 for a 4-pci expansion box...

    Does anyone happen to know of a way to get such a beast cheaper?

    I was originally looking for a mini-pci to pci adapter (the inverse of this:
    Found a mini-pci pinout chart:
    Found a pci pinout chart:

    And no, I'm not ditching the laptop Nor am I going to try that audigy2zx/extigy/m-audio sonica crap... Tried all three, nothing but problems (especially with standby)

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    Finally found this after hours on google:

    $180 - Mini PCI Type III to PCI Adapter Card (extension)

    $82 - Mini PCI Type III to PCI Adapter Card

    incase those of you with laptops wanted more video adapters, or better sound cards (i'm looking at the creative x-fi?)


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      Im lookin for the exact opposite of the first...does anyone make a PCI to PCMCIA? I like the VIA EPIA MII12000 but I would want a little more power than 1.2ghz. And i cannot find another motherboard with the PCMCIA port on it. Any tips or links? Thnks for your time.
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        lol wow never mind...i typed the search in differently this time and i think i found what im looking for!
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