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Building 1st PC: Do These components work together, and what am I missing

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  • Building 1st PC: Do These components work together, and what am I missing

    I am very excited about my upcoming project. I have made the decision to install a computer into my truck. However, this is my first computer install, so Im not sure if Ive selected the right components. Ive spent the last two days sifting through websites and forums trying to understand this new world of car pcs. Nevertheless, I still dont know that much and I need help from the people who know.

    I have some spare parts Id like to use such as a 3.5 400GB SATA hard drive, an Athlon 2800 Barton chip, (2) 512 SDRAM, and also a PCI wireless card. All of this must fit in a very small space. In fact, the dimensions are 8W X 11.5 L X 6 D. I will be doing some custom fab to take care of the depth issue. I will be running the signal into a factory head unit. I need to be able to run just one 400GB hard drive, but the drive is 3.5. The drive size is fixed, as it is essential for toting around all of my media.

    I intend to purchase the 8 Lilliput touch screen for visuals and the OPUS 150W PS to make the power. Do I need another separate power supply for the monitor? If so, how big? Next up, I was thinking of just using this little Shuttle as the base of the system. Please let me know if there are some obvious (or not so obvious) pitfalls to the system as I have described it. The only things I am absolutely set on (I think) are the 8 screen and the 400GB SATA hard drive. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the help.

    (I posted in the Newbies area, but I think maybe this subject is a bit more advanced. If not, please try not to ream me a new one ) (Do I delete that thread somehow, or do I leave it?)

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    Wow 400gb is a lot. Check the power consumption on everything. U seem to be on the right track. Just make sure the opus 150 can power it all!
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      If space is a requirement, try going with a USB wireless wifi card instead of a tall PCI card (unless you already bought it). I find the wireless USB card I have is very compact and easy to position if I have a weak signal. Just my 2 cents.

      PS. you dont need another powersupply for your monitor, just use the OPUS 150. It sounds lke you will have enough power from it, just verify this on one of those web/ wattage calculators found around here somewhere.

      Good luck!
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        Sorry, just noticed the case. a PCI card would be fine it this case. I guess the only thing to think about is heat and cooling the PC. This was/and is still a big issue for me in AZ. If heat an issue where you live?
        My BMW 2004 330i