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  • 2005 Volvo S-40 Help

    Ive been reading the threads and this is my first post, and its late, so bare with me... I plan on eventually doing an install on my 2005 Volvo S40. This is what Ive got so far..

    On the s40 I think the best spot to mount the touchscreen LCD would be where the navigation is (the center speaker on the header unit). I dont think I have any other options? Now Ive been looking online for a repair manual or anything that will show me what is under the head unit but I cant find anything. As far as the LCD goes I will have an mechanic install it. I was thinking about having him route all the wires to the trunk and mount the PC there but Id rather not. The only advantage of it being in the truck would be that Im not as tight for room and I am not forced to use a laptop hdd. I think I am going to end up getting rid of the 6cd cd player and use that as the input for the sound, which I will also have the mechanic do. If there is enough room I will try to mount the pc there. As far as the hdds go I want to store a lot of mp3s and some movies; A laptop hdd would not suffice. Are the headers crashing that big of a deal with regular hdds? Id much prefer to buy 1 big regular hdd than a couple, much more expensive, laptop hdds. As for the power and all that, I still have a lot of reading to do. But as a general idea how does that sound? It would be very helpful if anyone has seen another install on a 2005 s40. Ive also been looking for that repair manual but I cant find that anywhere either. I just need some general ideas here before I start planning it out.

    :edit: come to think of it this probably should be in the newbie section..

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    unless you are speaking about size, laptop or regular HD wont be affected by where you put it...

    You can get pretty large laptop hds

    Most people that use Regular HDs dont complain, most people that use laptop HDs dont complain... both types can fail, but it doesnt seem to be that critical

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      Thanks RoyN.

      Which spot do you guys think would be better for the lcd? I could have it like the navigator or I was thinking about putting a motorized flip screen that pops out where the cd drive is.

      I know I need to remove one of the components so I can get the sound into the fiber-optic but will I be able to keep the radio? Maybe just hit CD to have the carpc's sound come up? If I cant all the buttons would be useless and that would be bad.