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X2VGA+ switch?

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  • X2VGA+ switch?

    I have an Xbox in my Lexus GS with a stock Nav screen. I'm currently using a VAIStech unit to get a composite signal into the stock nav screen. It's ok, but it's a bit blurry and has a very dull picture, unlike the stock Nav graphics. Anyways, I've seen people use a component to VGA/RGB converters and spliced in between the screen and the Nav computer (with a 4PDT relay switch) and it seems to work very well.

    Well, I'm going to use an X2VGA+ to improve the picture hopefully (along with a VGA splitter and TV scan converter for the 2 headrest LCDs). However, I need to put an external push button switch on the X2VGA+...but I'm not quite sure how. There are two buttons with six sets of contacts on each button. How would I go about wiring a single push button switch?

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    ive thought the same thing with mine, as its a pain to reach behind the xbox. There has to be a decent way to do this other than a bunch of relays.