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Mini-ITX vs. ATX/Micro-ATX

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  • Mini-ITX vs. ATX/Micro-ATX

    I'm planning out the components of my carpooter before i start building/buying. Right now I have access to two free Athlon MP 1.2ghz-ish processors, and an assortment of cases, ram, etc. The setup will be relatively middle of the road... nowhere near the computing power of my dual-video desktop, but enough to do GPS, some DVD/Video, MP3, etc.
    I am planning on running an Opus 150w PSU because of its reliability and efficiency... and because I am keeping battery/alternator strain to a minimum due to existing subs/amps.
    Is it possible to use an ATX/MicroATX form factor motherboard with a standard AMD processor and stay under/around the wattage requirements? I looked at a few of hte power calculators and had a hard time keeping it under 164. I have no need for peripherals other than some kind of input device, gps locator, etc. Please help! Thanks for putting up with my uber-newberness.

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    If you post this in the newbie forum I won't throw you a thinggy but since you post here, I have to

    To answer your question, only power and space prevent you from putting a full size desktop as your "carpoooooter". Yes, you can use mATX mobo.
    The power calculator itself doesn't do any good with the total wattage.
    Take a look at each particular power rail and compare to the PSU you are going to use. 12V rail and 5V rail are the main one you need to look at. When compare to the PSU, look at the "normal" not peak power.

    There are probably more people using ATX/mATX than the mini-ITX(VIA) board (I think).

    [edit] Best place to start reading is the "Show off your Project" forum. Next is the FAQ and Power forum [/edit]
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      If you target Duron/Sempron/XP-mobile cpu in the 1-2ghz range, if they accept a little undervolting, if you can deal with a 133-166 fsb (heat output is tied to the fsb & voltage), conservative ram setting, a decent onboard video system (gef4mx, no redhot dual vpu ati monster), any atx athlon board is going to fit your requirement.

      But, remember such a config is clearly NOT a ber -game rig.

      An " expensive" solution is to build your carpc with a Pentium-M mini-itx board.
      Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p