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  • Which Motherboard to Choose

    Okay, currently I have Win Server 2003 on my old "experimental" PC that will soon have a new Motherboard, fast CPU, more RAM, 2 Maxtor 200GB hard drives, ATI video card (not sure which but probably the best one out), and a nice 7.1 sound card...

    So, I need some ideas on what type of motherboard to get. I am going to use my OEM full tower that came with my Dell desktop PC. So, the form factor really isn't a problem.

    I am probably going to use WinXP Pro or WinXP 64-bit (yes, I have it ).

    So, which motherboard should I go with that would accept at least a Pentium IV 3.0-GHZ CPU? I will probably use 512MB RAM but I would like to have a motherboard that would allow over 1GB of RAM.

    Also, what is a good motherboard that would accept 64-bit CPU's?

    Oh, and no this will not be in my car but it will be in the house.
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    umm... you can't have P4 and 64 bit in the same machine


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      Yeah, I know. Maybe I didn't word my request right.

      I am wanting to know which MB would work with a P4 and with what else I want as well as which MB would work with a 64-bit chip....

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