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300gb 130 usb hdd. any good?

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  • 300gb 130 usb hdd. any good?

    I have found this: Targa DataBox 300. 300gb external usb 2.0 hard drive, 7200rpm, 8mb cache memory, 9ms read/searcht time, ata/100 interface. i think it uses a seagate disk. i want to store all my mp3's on this rather than my laptop's drive so is this a good buy for 130 or is anything better available for the same sort of price? thanks!
    PB 2.0Ghz, 20GB, 512mb, XPpro. 300GB Usb HDD, Griffin pwrmate, m-audio audiophile fw. BU-353 gps. 2x100w sony amps, 1x150w JBL sub amp, MBQuart front components, 6x9 rear, 10" sub. Audiocontrol epcienter, esp2, 3xs. Clifford G5, Finished, fitted, problems