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onboard video vs a video card, power and cpu usage

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  • onboard video vs a video card, power and cpu usage

    I am building a carputer based on an AMD Mobile 2400+ chip (underclocked to 25 watts), and trying to decide what motherboard to get.

    seems most of the best motherboards don't have onboard video. e.g. abit nf7-s. (nf7-m doesn't have soundstorm) with decent video cards being dirt cheap--like an older geforce-- the only things that really matter:

    1) does onboard video use more or less power than a video card (either PCI or AGP)?

    2) does onboard video use CPU? in other words, will my cpu usage go up from using onboard during normal usage.

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    1) Onboard video uses main RAM. The external card uses it's own RAM which drains more power.

    2) Onboard video cards have their own GPU, but share main RAM.


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      Hi Stapan. I believe you will find the Biostar M7NCG-400 to work very well with the XP MObile and the OPUS (should you choose that route.) Also, the onboard audio and video is excellent. It'll accomodate the native 800x480 resolution of the Xenarc and lillis too. Not to mention a great price . .
      Its not the cards you're dealt, its how you play the hand!

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