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Remote control your carPC and more (for peugeot)

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  • Remote control your carPC and more (for peugeot)

    Hi all,

    We are currently working on a small adapter that will let the carPC use the Stock HU's CDC input on peugeot cars. And it can do a lot more.
    It's a VAN bus sniffer and it will be possible to do the same think as the I-Bus for BMW! (remote control, car status)

    Our thread is here:

    It's in french, but we switched to english starting page 9-10.

    We are in need of guys/girls that can help us by monitoring the VAN packets of a CDC and figuring out the packets format.
    Also, if someone knows how to activate the CDC without asking the car dealer ... well .... we still have lot of works!

    I've almost forgot : read the whole thread (page 10 to 17) before asking any questions!!