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Your opinions on this alarm system?

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  • Your opinions on this alarm system?

    What are your opinions on this alarm system? I'm a noob to car security. I have my CarPC fully installed but I have no power locks, and it is a cable driven system so there is no hope for adding them. I would be able to get the alarm for $200 from a friend that never installed it. Any accessories reccomended like a battery backup?

    I'm not worried about my car being stolen, just the stuff in it. It's all insured, even the CarPC, but an alarm makes both me and my insurance company more comfortable.

    The alarm also has accessories type things that could be used to either flip on my inverter and turn the PC on by remote. Remote start won't do me much good because it's a stick and I need it professionally installed for the warranty, I don't have the time to tackle another project, and my car now lives in a downtown parking garage. Suggestions?
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    I have the 790, which only adds remote start, and it works great! There is a backup battery, and I would suggest some extra sirens, and you'll be set. The two-way function works pretty well, too.

    The microwave and glass breakage sensors are also a big help..


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      I take it those sensors would not be included. I know these are massive markup items for retailers and I want to avoid that. (Used to work for Best Buy) Does anyone know where to go to get this stuff closer to the manufacturer or somewhere online?
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        you can contact a friend of mine, he buys the stuff wholesale(hobby of his to sell/install car electronics(no computers, just amps, stereos, alarms, and stuff of that nature)

        [email protected]

        his website sucks ***, but email him....he is good people

        mention i sent you ( i am brian fischman ) ... u prob get a better deal
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          What's the year make and model of your car?
          I own an installation shop. Let me know what you need and I will get it for you.



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            I love this alarm, It only comes with 1 remote though (range is great). It also only has 1 sensor, which is a shock sensor. However adding other sensors is possible with diodes.
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