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What would cause this to happen?

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  • What would cause this to happen?

    I am using an Epia M10000 off of a Carnetix 1260 and that is hooked up to a Morex 60w that came in my Morex 3688 or whatever case... the small black one. I have my Audigy 2 NX powered off the Morex 60w (inside the case, just tapped the +5v and GND, problem was prior to this though) as well as a 120GB IDE desktop drive. Only USB connections are the touch screen and audigy 2. The lilliput is powered from the Carnetix. But every now and then, and its been more frequent now (its great right after a format/reinstall, then a few weeks later it happens) the system will freeze for like 15 - 30 secs while playing an MP3. It will sometimes completely hang up. Sometimes it will reboot. Sometimes it will just hang and i have no mouse movement etc. It's happened mostly in Road Runner (since i run that most of the time) but today it also happened just at WinXP Pro desktop. I am running WinXP Pro Sp2. This happened with and without the Audigy 2 NX installed. I thought it was a bad hard drive so i swapped in my 120GB desktop drive and reinstalled but now, couple weeks after install, its happening again. I am thinking its a power issue? Maybe heat though I am not sure. Argh it's so frustrating. Help please.

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    Usually heat is a factor. Pull the CAR PC - toss it on your bench ,power it up and set a fan blowing on it - like a home personal fan to circulate air . Then use it as you would normally. Does it lockup or hang? No , Well then you need more cooling. YES - Then Bogus RAM can produce this quite frequently as well.