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Music skips when driving over bumps?

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  • Music skips when driving over bumps?

    So, my music will skip (similar to a CD skipping) when I drive over any noticible bump. I have low profile tires and stiff suspension, so the ride isn't great, but I would imagine that if the harddrive skipped it would do alot more than make the music skip? I am using a laptop harddrive (inside the laptop, which sits on 2" of super plush foam!!) Something to note is that this is a 7200 rpm 40GB latptop hard drive.

    This is MP3 music btw, not CD's.

    I am pretty confident that the cables are all solidly secured, making it less likely for that to be the issue.

    Any ideas?


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    Is the drive mounted vertically or horizontally?


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      Horizontally in the laptop, which sits flat on the foam. Should I try it vertically?


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        No, keep the hard drive mounted horizontally.

        I am not sure why it is skipping. I have heard of people practically going off road and they don't have any problem. Could it be an issue with the laptop drive?


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          Originally posted by Pale Rider
          No, keep the hard drive mounted horizontally.

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            Could you have a loose connection in your audio cabling? The bumps are perhaps cutting out the sound signal rather than your hard drive skipping.

            I agree that if your hard drive was skipping, you'd soon have much bigger trouble than sound files missing..
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              Have you done a chkdsk on the drive? May be a simple problem on the filesystem