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Getting new motherboard/cpu, what do you think?

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  • Getting new motherboard/cpu, what do you think?

    I used to have a P4 2.4ghz computer in my car (which ran fine), but I sold it and put in an old Athlon 1500 in there which has proved to need to much power than my OPUS can dish out, so I'm going back to a pentium setup (I don't have the money to go mobile).

    I was thinking about getting this Celeron 1.8ghz with a Biostar motherboard for $90:

    Or I can go with this P4 2.2ghz processor:
    And this gigabit mobo:
    For a combined total of $158.

    If anyone has experience with either of these setups, or if you know of a better deal on a comparable mobo/cpu setup please share!


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    if u can buy $158 worth, then a mobile athlon + mb would be about the same. I think i paid around $60 for my mb, and $85 for the chip (see sig). Runs on my opus150 + peripherals just fine...
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      I think I'm going to switch to this motherboard:

      There are two reasons I don't want to switch to that Athlon mobile system:
      1) I would have to build a new case because that board is 9.6" wide
      2) It only has 2 onboard USB ports where as the motherboard I linked to above has 6.

      Also, do you know if the Athlon mobile 2200 is a considerable amount slower than the P4 2.2ghz?