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M10K slooooooooooow video playback problem-any ideas?

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  • M10K slooooooooooow video playback problem-any ideas?

    Hi, I'm so sad because it took me a long time go get a ton of music videos that I planned on watching in the car and listening to, but the video playback in mediaplayer classic is soooo slooooow that I can't stand it.

    Any ideas? here are my specs:

    C137 case
    M10K 1ghz
    Seagate 160gb
    512 Ram
    CD-ROM (Got dvd player already stock and dvd nav as well)
    Hawking USB Wifi Adapter
    Logitech Mic (for Bluetooth phone integration)
    Kensington BT USB adapter
    Stow-a-way BT keyboard + mouse
    Firefly rf remote
    Opus 90W
    Ace Mega codec package.

    I am adding a PCI radeon 7000 to get a better res for my stock monitor, but I'm not sure if this will help or not. I have latest via drivers at the moment.

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    What kind of video are you playing?Mpeg,dvd,divx?
    For divx and other avi files, i suggest ffdshow it's a very fast decoder i were using it in my old slow computer (i still use it btw) .
    It can decode mpg too but never tried.

    Just be sure to associate it with the codec you want it to decode.
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      Did you install the latest VIA VGA drivers? My video playback was absolute **** before I did.

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        Make sure you install good set of video drivers from inet (don't use the one that comes with the board), DX9c and of course ffdshow. I would even suggest playing files via mplayer as plays everything with much less CPU than wmplayer or winamp with all set of best codecs. My M6000 can play DIVX @ 45-60% CPU no prob.
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          Thanks for the link! It worked great! Is it good to use this for audio too? I enabled the filters for audio just to try them.

          also, anyone know of a good quicktime alternative? i tried quicktime alternative beta from but it is really slow in RR.

          one more q: anyone know a way to have smooth transitions in winamp visualization studio with the m10k? everything looks great until it changes visualizations and slows way down for a few seconds...
          Peep MY TYTE WHIP yo! It's got too many ill mods to list!