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  • EMI with a docking station...

    First post uhaaa!!!

    Although this is my first post I have been in the carputer world for quite some time. This is going to be my third carputer install... My first install was as ghetto as they come... I had a computer in the back of the car with a 4 line LCD display in order to be able to see what was playing. Simple yet worked very well. Only Mp3's though. The second setup was a I-opener that I hacked. for you guys not familiar with an I opener, it was a netplience that was an all in one computer without a hard drive. (had 16Mb of storage space) What the people from I-opener did not realize is that there are great people out there that will pretty much open up anything that looks promising and try to make it better. This netpliance was only $99 and was a self contained laptop MB and a 10" lcd screen. What they failed to do was to take out the HD pin outs of the MB. After a bios replacement and other hacks I turned this thing into a fully functional PC. (1 USB) It did not look too good but it was one of the first carputers... I think... The big drawback was the lack of speed. (200mhz 16MB onboard). Enough bragging...

    Here is my question...

    I am mounting a docking station in the trunk of my car. The problem or possible problem is that I have about 4-5 inches between the magnet and the docking station. (stock speakers 25w... SAD I KNOW) I was wondering if the magnets would mess up my docking station of the laptop??? Any and all help would be appreciated.

    I have read the posts but found that most posts pertain to HD's not docking stations.

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Ford Escort 2001 ZX2 - I know!!!
    Dell Inspiron 4000 & 8000 W/Docking Station
    Lilliput 7" Touch Screen,Mini Keyboard,ATI Remote, Hibernate and Wake up automated.