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  • Major Problem

    Ok guys just got most of my install finished today, my pc, and one screen, still waiting on second screen.....

    i was running the pc with the car off syncing some files, went to take it for a drive... didnt shut the pc off, which i probably should have... inverter beeped because of low voltage as it does when the car is started and the pc shut down, all normal for starting my car with pc on... went to turn the pc back on and nuthing.... USB devices still receiving 5v, but the main system wont turn on

    at first i though temperature or sumthing weird, but it has cooled down to room temp now and still wont boot, tried unplugging all external devices and still doesnt work

    any help please!!!
    do mobos have fuses anywhere on them?
    Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....

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    so ive dtermined the ptoblem isnt power supply, by using a different working power supply

    and i checked voltage from inverter coming out at 120v which is good, so that basically narrows it down to mobo

    what couldve happened to it? it was literally working 10 seconds earlier
    Debating on installing a carpc in my Jeep.....


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      Take the working PSU and plug it all into a wall outlet and start from there.

      remove the computer from the car - try it.
      unplug everything from the board - try it.
      take the board out of the case - try it again.

      What kind of board is this? What kind of power supply?
      All this is easier to figure out with more information.