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Commell LV-671 blues

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  • Commell LV-671 blues

    I'll start with making a long story short... The LV-671 is NOT PCI 2.1 compatible.
    If you plan on using the LV-671 with a PCI card, make sure that the PCI card DO NOT
    require -12V on Pin.1

    Back in October 2004 I got my LV-671 and in December 2004 I discovered that my
    Creative Audigy Card didn't work. Commell told me to return the card to them, but
    since I found another user with the exact same symptoms I figured that it was a
    compability issue rater than something wrong with my board. So I decided to keep it
    and I ordered a Onkyo PCI-150 wich didn't work either.

    By now I figured that something must be wrong with the board and decided to
    return it to Commell so that they could try and fix it. So in May 2005 I sent it back
    and in about two weeks time they told me that they had replaced component "U10"
    because it was "bad" and upgraded the BIOS. At first I thought that U10 was a
    voltage regulator so I had a good look at the silkscreen from BWI trying to locate
    the U10 regulator, but it turned out to be the southbridge. Now, I wouldn't have
    thought that you normally replaced the southbridhe, but Commell claim they did.
    So when I got the board back I took a really good look at it trying to find the manual
    solder points (as I didn't get a new one) and the backup battery over the southbridge
    hadn't been touched, but instead I found this:

    That is a voltage supply to the CPU (I assume, as it is running from a regulator to the back
    side of the CPU socket). Commell claims that the board wouldn't even POST because it was
    like that when they got it, and I find it difficult that it could have happened in transport
    as I was taking it out of a working environment.
    Bottom line is that the board was fine (in that aspect) when I sent it, the RMA tech blew
    it up and wont admit that he did it and instead he blames me and says that the board was
    like that when he got it.

    Anyway, the sound problems continue and after a few weeks of discussions it turns out that
    the LV-671 does not support the -12V supply on Pin 1 of the PCI slot and therefor isn't
    fully compatible with the PCI 2.1 specification that states:
    "All PCI connectors require four power rails: +5V, +3.3V, +12V, and -12V."

    I also asked for a new replacement board since I got one in return that was more damaged
    than the one I sent in and basically (not literally) they told me to go and f-ck myself.
    Given the thought that the -12V was the problem, there wasn't anything wrong with
    the board to start with so I just wish that they'd thought of that sooner. It wouldn't have
    fixed my sound problems but at least I wouldn't have had a board with a poorly soldered
    voltage supply that most likely will brake due to vibrations in the car.
    But lucky me, then the board will be out of warranty so I'll have to buy a new one

    Thanks for listening.


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      I'm not liking the sounds of this. I hope the newer LV675D will not share similar problems.
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