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7 inch touch screen

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  • 7 inch touch screen

    hi im new here............

    im planning my system as we speak! can someone please email a high res photo of there lilliput screen displaying windows xp ??

    thanks alot

    ta dene

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    why not just look through the fabrication forums?... or perhaps through the MP3car store??

    why do you want this high res pic anyways?? are you perhaps trying to sell one on ebay and you need a pic for it??

    this just seems like a odd request from a newbie...
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      well i've joined the forum like everyone else............for info, help advice and a chat.
      no im not selling on ebay
      and i want the pics to see wether the pic quality is what im look for. i have had monitors before that didnt display computer resolutions very well. so i just wanted to see for myself what i was like before i brought a suitable screen.

      any info pics would be great. thanks alot

      regards dene


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        (work warning?)