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Does CNX 140W PSU support standby/hibernate as OPUS 150W PSU does?

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  • Does CNX 140W PSU support standby/hibernate as OPUS 150W PSU does?

    Hi all,

    Ok, now I have decided to buy CNX-P1900 Dual Output 140 Watt 12V DC-DC Regulator instead of OPUS 150W PSU, which only provide 10W more power than CNX for more than $50.

    What I want CNX PSU to do for me is to provide those power on/off/standby/hibernate functions as OPUS PSU does. Below is an excerpt from OPUS 150W PSU and that is exacly what I want from my CNX PSU.

    Back to Idle state:
    When the ignition switch is turned off, The DC-DC power supply will delay going into shut down, stand-by or hibernate modes.
    The delay time is set by a set of jumpers located in side the DC-DC power supply control board (Refer to the heading ‘Setting the turn off delay’). Once the delay time has elapsed, the DC-DC power supply hand shakes and controls with the motherboard to go into one of three states namely shut down, standby or hibernate mode.
    If the ignition is turned on again, while shut down delay is in progress, the DC-DC power supply will turn off the delay function and the PC will continue operate normally.
    If the PC is manually put into stand-by mode, taping the keyboard or pointing device will start the PC as long as Ignition is on.
    If the PC is manually put into power down mode, to restart the PC the ignition must be turned off wait 5 sec and turned on again.

    Anyone or owner of CNX 140W PSU knows whether CNX PSU support above functions? It would be nice if it does.... I would appreciate answers from you guys.


  • #2 Hibernate/Standby(Sleep) – this jumper allows you to select either the Hibernate or Standby(Sleep) mode for the P1900 after the ignition is turned off.

    If Hibernate is selected the P1900 cuts all output power after the Shutdown Delay and Shutdown Sequence have expired. This mode is used when you have set your PC to enter hibernation via your BIOS settings. Hibernate mode does not exist in the Mac OS.

    If Standby(Sleep) is selected the P1900 will continue to provide output power on the Primary and Secondary outputs after the Shutdown Delay and Shutdown Sequences have expired. This state is used when your PC/Mac is set to go into Standby (PC) or Sleep (Mac) when its ACPI (“power button”) is pressed. This state is designed to provide a low level of power to the PC/Mac to maintain the system state in RAM. If the power demanded by the PC/Mac during this time exceeds approximately 1 amp the P1900 will automatically shut down. Also, while in standby, the P1900 continues to monitor the battery voltage. If the battery voltage drops below approximately 10.6 volts, the P1900 will automatically shut itself down.