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standard audio for mini-ITX boards

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  • standard audio for mini-ITX boards

    im just curious as to what model/brand onboard audio normally comes with the mini-ITX boards.

    reason i ask is because for those who dont already know, i got a new motherboard just last weekend. its got a nice onboard sound card. VIA VT1617. has switchable 6 channel analog out (uses the line out and mic jacks for the extra channels based on software config) and also has an optional SPDIF jack (onboard jumper. just need the proper connector to go from the jumper to a RCA socket). ive been playing around with the sound card's utilities and the standard windows utilities and feature-wise, it certainly outperforms other cards ive seen. and the audio quality is top notch imho.

    actually, the real reason for posting this is to kind of compare to the onboard cards on the via mini-ITX boards. common sense would lead to believe they would also be VIA chipsets. and just looking at the epia MII alone, its got the VT1616 chipset which is certainly close to what ive got here.

    its just that, from what ive read here, alot of people seem to bash the epia's onboard audio in both quality and lack of features. now they may have disabled quite a few features and probably cut corners quality-wise to make it fit the board. i dont know this for a fact. i just want to get a decent, civilized discussion going on this.

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    A quick trip to tells us that moth the M & MII series use the VT1616 audio chipset.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      what's motherboard You got?


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        Msi P4mam-v
        Your everyday carpc geek and tech guru at your service. *bow*