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Need a big favor from someone with a VIA EPIA M1000

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  • Need a big favor from someone with a VIA EPIA M1000

    heres the deal, i tried to update the bios onmy mainboard it didnt work since there is a problem with the newest bios.

    i contacted via about te issue, they told me to send them the bios chip and they would reflash it. Well i sent it to them, but i dont know how long or if i will get it back.

    What I am in needed of is for someone to write down all the number on there bios chip or even better take a picture of it for me. I found a site that i can buy a new chip from and they will flash it for me, but i need to know all what kind of chip it is.

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    is this good enough?
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      that is perfect, do you know what revision your board is?

      the blue sticker on the pci slot on mine says V300485
      and mine is a rev. B


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        Mines a little older, but not that old
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          well yours is a rev. b as mine is, so i would think that the chip numbers should work.

          Many thanks for the pictures.


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            no problem


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              What problems are you having? Did you read the thread at Via Arena?

              I had no video output, but was able to flash back to an older bios blind. If your problem is slow memory, you either need temporary use of a faster dimm, or the new bios chip.

              And I can't believe Via still has that bios for download after all the problems people have had. There is a "new" 1.16 bios linked to in a thread here, which I am now using, working well. Otherwise, get the 1.13 off the Via forums.
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