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BUS/Unilink Adapter for Sony HeadUnits (a laptop interface)

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  • BUS/Unilink Adapter for Sony HeadUnits (a laptop interface)

    Hi all,

    My proposed setup is:

    A Laptop (P4 2.0GHz, 256MB, XP, 60GB HDD, USB 1.1) with its sound output connected to my Sony HU CDX-FF7700's AUX-IN RCA's.

    Instead of using a seperate Touchscreen LCD, or keypad, I would like to interface the laptop (via USB, Printer, or Serial) using the Sony HeadUnit.

    The Sony HU has a CD/MD Changer BUS/Unilink input, is it possible yet to successfully mimic a CD changer using my laptop?

    I read this thread ( ) where "Ashlawn Kemling" was working on a Parallel adapter and some software to send the synchronous data through Sony BUS (and sell it to us), but he had timing issues and didnt have time to complete the project (2003).
    Personally I think USB would be better since Parallel ports are slow.

    That was 2 years ago, has anything eventuated from this, has someone else or Sony made such an adapter? I would pay $100+ for such a (working) device.

    If only Sony would create a simply HDD interface like kenwood has done with the echelon

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    I'm not quite sure if it's what you are looking for, but sony do an adaptor which provides a USB input through the BUS so that you can plug your laptop in for USB audio. It's called the XA-300. You'll find it on the xplod website under accessories in the Xplod tab.



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      The XA-300 is only for Audio, it doesnt have any HU signalling via USB. I dont need the XA-300 anyway since my HU has AUX IN RCA's.

      Thanks anyway


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        I guess there is no such thing in existance

        Well at least Toshiba have released an iPod-clone MP3 player with a 60GB HardDisk (bigger than most laptop Hard Disks) and a color screen.

        Maybe I can Rig one of those in my Dash and output it into my HU's RCA inputs