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P4M Motherboards, who runs one?

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  • P4M Motherboards, who runs one?

    ok my laptop power supply died, it wont charge the battery or run on ac. so i took it a part and i now have a P4M 2gig chip that still works i saw the P4M mainboards at the store but i dont see a socket on them and how would you cool them?

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    you can't see the socket because there is a processor plugged in on the picture


    you would need a heatsink and fan as normal

    edit: btw, the processor doesn't come with the board
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      ya i got sitting here, pondering if i should get a new mobo or not, i got a via epia m1000.


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        i have a p4 mini itx board with a 1.7 mobile p4 chip which runs at 1.2
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          the only thing I can tell you is that even though it is a mobile runs pretty hot & takes a lot of power as far as mobile chip's go......the p4m laptops run really hot & it's pretty common that they get fried by people using them on a bed or soft seat....cuts the airflow & they overheat...frying the processor or more often the motherboard.....try using it as intended,"on your lap" & you'l see just how hot the thing gets.....if you can provide adiquate cooling & aren't after the lowest power design then it is still better than a desktop p4 which is extreamly hot running & power wasting....hope this helps.....
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