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BMWs infra-red NightVision system...

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  • BMWs infra-red NightVision system...

    I want one. Didnt take time to search, but im sure someone either is/did or will implement their own idea for this piece of technology.

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    cue lots of stolen bmw bumper cameras and posts appearing 'how do I wire up....'


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      wow looks cool
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        Cadillac started using this way back in 2000 except the image was projected by an HUD onto the windshield in front of you instead of having to look down at the center console like the BMW model.


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          i heard/saw that, did i "truly" work?

          If BMW is doing THIS in 2005, what could caddy have had 5 years ago?
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            Here's some an image from the Caddy..


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              Cool.... lets start production for every single car here......
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                Cheapest thermal camera system I can find
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                  I'd love to see roads in very hot areas at nightfall... probably white out the whole diplay! hhehhee but it is really cool, I actually thought of doing something like this a while back on my car... but I guess my headlights see far enough for me... I dont think the BMW stuff is good... C'mon, if youre gonna convince me its useful AT LEAST put it in a HUD...

                  I remember seeing the caddy stuff many yrs ago! (was it really out only in 2000? I thought it was much earlier)...

                  but yeah sdashiki, caddy is american, bmw is german, I guess the americans won on the stuff that we inherit from planes and other war gear

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                  Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)