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  • Help on Freeview device

    Hi guys, I have been reading up on getting freeview and FM Radio for the car, and the simplest way seems to be using a device like this one in ebay.

    Ebay DVB-T USB device including antenna !

    Has anyone seen this before, I am a little dubious about it "containing the antenna" and getting good sound / picture on the move.

    I haven't yet bought my monitor, and am debating whats best, a Monitor including DVB-T, or a separate monitor and DVB-T system. I want to be able to use SatNav, and also use Radio / TV at the same time, so I guess it needs to be "managed" by windows.

    Any advice from the guys with long teeth welcome

    M1000, 512MB, 512MB CF, 6GB Disk (4200rpm),
    DVD/RW, Dynamix 8" screen, M2-ATX, Custom case,Too many hours building and rebuilding and rebuild.......