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My ideas and thought about my carputer..??

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  • My ideas and thought about my carputer..??

    Ok, I first bought a in-dash touch screen to use together with my laptop. But then I succed to burn the laptop using wrong tip + instead of - if you understand.

    Anyway , now I have to buy a new computer to use. so then the quistions begins.

    1. will a laptop with P3 500mhz with 256mb ram go well with windows XP? My old laptop was a celeron 1.06 ghz and that was very slow but I remember P3 as a very good processor... The programs I am using are Winamp, VLC and FreeDrive together with scendinavium maps.

    2. I looked on some barebone and shuttle computers and relized that mayby a small shuttle would actually be better to use in the car. but then the quistions about the power get alot more. are the only thing I need an transformer that does the 12V to 220V or will I need a regulator aswell? dont relly understand how any of these things works but what I understand I need both but with a laptop I will only need an transformer? am I right?

    Please answer my thought...I can say that the feeling when I understand that I burned my old laptop was not fun =) hehe but thats life I guess

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      personally, i wouldnt install xp on anything less than 1ghz, its just way too slow.

      i would buy a shuttle, or parts from mp3car. either way, purchase a psu from mp3car. the 12 dc to dc is what you need. research the newbie section for more information.
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        I have XP running on a 400 mhz laptop with 192 megs of ram. I stripped the OS down the best I could by getting rid of unnecessary services, system restore, and indexing, and have the swap file on its own partition.

        It runs pretty good. I wouldn't try to play games on it or anything, but for surfing the internet and running my car datalogger stuff it works fine. It boots up pretty fast considering the system specs.


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          i have a laptop, with a Centrino, i clock it down to 600mhz daily, and im running a complete XP Pro Danish install with SP1 on this one... its no problem, and i got at Duron 900 and al P3 800, all running XP Pro, its no problem at all