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Vibration dampers for HDDs (GEL based)

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  • Vibration dampers for HDDs (GEL based)

    Just wanted to share a link with you.
    I believe they can significantly improve the lifetime for HDDs in the car:
    Anyone have them or seen ones ?
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    Very good find.....
    Any pricing?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      The guys at have these for their TIVO 2nd drive install kits which run about $10 / kit and include a nice piece of aluminum to mount the drive to with these vibration mounts.


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        Originally posted by fromplanetbob
        The guys at have these for their TIVO 2nd drive install kits which run about $10 / kit and include a nice piece of aluminum to mount the drive to with these vibration mounts.
        Can't find the priduct there, have a link?


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          Did a little lookin around and found this:

          Not sure if it's exactally what you're looking for, but there it is.

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              Originally posted by CJ8501

              I'd rather buy a backup HD!!


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                okay well THAT is a total ripoff. I bet if you were crafty you could just make your own. after all you can buy 100% silicone at home depot, etc... just make a simple mold (you could probably use a small cap from a hair spray can or something as a mold), put a metal bushing in the middle, and fill it up with silicone...

                it'd take a long time to dry, and you'd have to experiment with different liquids to use as a mold release, but it would cost you all of $3 instead of $80...
                But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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                  wonder how they compare to some 30 cent neoprene washers from home depot and/or cutting up one of those silicone gel mouse pad wrist rest things


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                    if you can get your hands on an old/broken CDROM or DVDROM drive, open it up. The carriage for the head is on four rubber shock absorbers. That's what I'm using for shock absorption. Cheap and effective without fear of too much rebound.

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                      they would dispatch a kit for free if you argument is convincing
                      just try it.
                      got mine like that.


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                        Originally posted by CJ8501
                        Very old technique :

                        Cheaper way of doing it, been working fine for nearly 6 years for me :

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                          I went to the hardware store and bought some of those silicon bumpers you put on knick knacks and other things you don't want rattling around. They are adhesive backed as well so they stick to the drive. I just drilled a hole through them and mounted 'em up. Total cost was about $1.79. No fancy brass bushing though.

                          Does that mean the brass bushing is worth $78.20??

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