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Need Drivers for Via Epia M10000

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  • Need Drivers for Via Epia M10000

    i lost my cd, and i downloaded the ones from via site, but i do not have the 1.16 bios for the video drivers to work, and im not flashing it to the newest, been there done that ****ed my chip up had to send to them,, so they reflash with 1.13 and sent it back.

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    I think I could help you with this. My cd is at home though so I'll check tonight & let you know.
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      ok that would be great.


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        The 1.13 is available on Via Arena. Get the modded one that allows you to use the newest VGA driver.

        Or, use the 1.16 BIOS for the M10k in this thread. That's not the same 1.16 as on VIA's site.
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