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  • installing tips... firewalls

    any tips on routing wires through the vehicle firewall into the dash? Planning a proper install and not sure whether I should tackle pulling wire, a distribution panel, and an inline fuse myself. Thanks in advace.
    99 Explorer: Dell Axim X5, Garmin iQue 1620, Dell TrueMobile wifi
    97 Venture: MII12k,512M,3.5" 80G,7" Xenarc,Holux GM-210, Keyhole Cam, Scanner + CB --> audio in
    currently: installing (finally!)

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    The first time i did this, I was surprised how easy it was. The hardest part is getting through the firewall. Depending on the size of the wires you are running you can usually find a bundle of wires going through the firewall with a little extra space. If not then you need to drill your own hole. If you do, be sure to use some sort of grommet. If you do not the sharp edges WILL cut through the insulation and there will be sparks, deamons etc.