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  • Phidgets

    Ok, so I have found that people have said that they have thought of using phidgets, and perhaps a few here and there that say they either have one or will have it installed shortly, but not to much info on the reliability or the like. I am thinking of using a phidget, probably the 8/8/8 to interface like my doors, trunk, hood, top, speedo, tach, various warning lights, and fuel too while I'm at it.

    Anybody have anything to say about the functionality or the programming? I'm an intermediate VB programmer. I was thinking of using the analog inputs to track the position of the gauges... I'm not sure exactly how they work, but I figure it must be some form of varied voltage and as long as its between 0 and 5 volts then the phidget "should" handle it.

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    if its not between 0-5volts, use a voltage divider


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      I've been using a phidgets encoder for 6+ months now. Not quite what you're looking for, but my setup works well.

      I'm using a custom lua script in girder to run the software side. It set it up to act as a mouse.
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        ya, so I looked at my gauges tonight... definitely not a variable voltage going to those.. there are four pins, and best I can tell, they are used to "hold" the pin at a certain point, buy providing different voltages to the different pins it kinda "makes a plane" that the needle has to sit in... so back to the drawing board. Any ideas?