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My trunk is like an oven.....

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  • My trunk is like an oven.....

    I just finished wiring my opus last night, I am sure others worry about the heat also, since they have been thru it last summer. I dont have pics of the pc setup, but all my components are mounted on wood, in the trunk..... Dont have the OPUS mounted on the wood yet.

    Should I be worried about the heat? What can I do to protect the components and the OPUS....

    I was thinking about buying a few things from

    04 Corolla

    Upgrading pc 99%


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    I'm not sure about your OPUS, but your computer may get too hot. I have a small form factor PC in my trunk and I actually had to underclock the processor to keep it form overheating and locking up. However, it is in a small case with minimal airflow, so if your components are in the open you might have better airflow and cooling.


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      BBQ at Jay_tu's car!

      Serisuly - Just try for more ventialtion into the trunk.


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        more airflow is good but remember if your trunk is an oven already the heatsinks will only keep components as cool as the air flowing over them...

        Maybe more airflow between trunk and other areas or even outside, q. a few topics on this flying around.
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