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G Series Vans Look here. DASH GAUGES (BACKLIT)

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  • G Series Vans Look here. DASH GAUGES (BACKLIT)

    Please Read!!!! I do not work for speed hut this is there charge to develop custom gauges for vehicles. That no custom gauges exsist for said vehicle.
    Plus as the possiblities for modding in a g series van are endless. But if i can get everyones support that is intrested we all can enjoy a more up to date look to our vans.... Thaxs

    Hey New Custom gauges spread the word

    Ok, People here go's help me help you I need 25 people to get these gauges made. Need the the info here goes. If you have ever driven a chevy G10, G20, G30 Van you might agree the gauges on the dash aren't the easiest to read in several conditions.
    Anywho if you want backlit gauges that are easy to read day or night, or your just a Car enthusiast/ Modder like me this is it. there is no place on the net to get these. I know vans aren't as speed oriented as say a monte or a malibu or even a chevelle. But i love my van and i really need anybody and everones help on this. they won't make these unless they get like 25 pre orders for it.
    Now yes i do get mine free but don't think that's why I'm doing it. I still have to buy yet another if i can get enough intrest to get them made. I still have to get one for my mom's van and a few extra for myself for future project. but this will be all a moot point if it's just crazy me on the list and no one else. any way here's what they told me i have to do right from the e-mail they sent me...


    If you are interested in becoming a Group Leader for your cluster, please
    read the info below:

    *The Group Leader sends a cluster to begin the Pre Order. Please don't use a
    personal vehicle's cluster (we don't send clusters back). We recommend a
    cluster from a junkyard (it does NOT have to be in working condition.
    HOWEVER it DOES need to have everything intact - i.e., needles, cover etc).

    Please send the Cluster via Ground (inexpensive) Mail (or another
    inexpensive method). Please make sure it is INSURED for your protection!
    *Remember to add your contact information in the package.

    Once the cluster has been received the Pre Order will be added to our Model
    Development Program with the sender listed as the Group Leader. The Group
    Leader's email will be listed on the site for questions. We will be in
    contact with the Group Leader throughout the process.

    Once we receive 25 Pre Orders we will begin tooling. The Group leader will
    get their EL-Glo Dial kit for FREE (+ S&H). We offer incentive discounts for
    the entire Group. *Free Text, Free Standard Graphics, Free Standard Logo's.

    *We can add the Km/h version at No additional cost!

    The price for our Custom Gauge Kit's are generally around $99.95 + $8.00 US
    S&H per Pre Order. The price for our Custom HVAC Kit's are $35.95 + $8.00
    US S&H.

    Thank you for your interest and please email us if there are any further

    *Check out Speedhut's Performance 4" Custom Tach at!
    Customize your Dial, Bezel and Pointer to match your interior!

    Speedhut has just released our Custom 2 1/16" Gauge line! Not only is this
    line Customizable but it is highly accurate and designed by Speedhut
    Engineers in-house in the US.

    Speedhut has many more new custom products that are being designed right
    now! Check back to see new product updates at!

    *Sign up for our Speedhut Newsletter at to receive product
    updates and special deals only available through our newsletter!



    I will be sending a gauges unit to them this week to get the process started.
    most of there gauges are capeble of multiple color options and are backlit. I'm sure you get the idea but check out ther site and you'll get the idea. and they're pretty cheap as custom gauges go.

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    Not sure if this is still viable, but I'm interested. I have a 92 G20 van.
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.


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      i signed up way back but i guess nothing came of it id recommend getting the EBL on the thirdgen forums theres a guy fast355 that posts there who has a a G series and the EBL (which is basically a reprogrammed ECU with serial output and a digital HUD is the website
      once i get a new engine im gonna pop that baby in
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        How would you see your driving statistics, such as oil pressure, fuel level, speedometer, etc? The "What's Up" program isn't designed to be monitored in real time, I don't think. At least not while you're driving. And the interface isn't attractive. I would want something that would look nice in a dash.

        I guess I can replace the old instrument cluster gauges entirely with a second monitor to fit over the instrument cluster, and make the instrument panel 100% digital. It would be a dedicated second monitor. What do you think?
        Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

        Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
        - Edit skin to liking.
        - Get compatible phone for
        - Facilitate HVAC control.