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  • sensor activation

    hey guys,

    this isnt really car related but you guys love this ****.

    Is it possible to have a sensor trigger an action on a computer

    essentially, when people walk through the door and activate the sensore, have it play a sound file on a computer, without extensive building of ICs and ****

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    Couple of easy bodge ways:

    1. look for a I/O board (you can get digital and analogue I/Os)
    2. You could use a joystick port if you have one - these take analoge or digital inputs - you could also hack a USB gamepad or joystick (stevieG made a gamepad program to take inputs)
    3. Use a keyboard matrix and make it press a certain key and a program like girder can take the keypress and do something you want.
    4. hook up something to your serial or parallel ports (do a bit of googling). You could easily make a nice IR based solution using a simple serial IR interface which would stop you having to run wires.


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      Phidgets. They have sensors for motion, light, weight, humidity, etc.