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Whats a good USB BlueTooth device to buy?

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  • Whats a good USB BlueTooth device to buy?

    Man I'm so freggin hacked!

    Kensington BT 33085 usb device, software (WidComm), and support sucks. I spent 2 hours getting it to work.

    Not happy with it at all.

    I searched around but could not find "good and bluetooth" on search.

    What would you guys recommend?
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    D-Link DBT-120
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      I use the D-Link. No problems with it.
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        I use a Bluesoleil. I bought it on ebay for ~$6.00

        It works beautifully.



        P.S. Here is the guy's ebay store
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          i too have the kensington.

          its ok, and for what i use it for (gps on dad's laptop and the occassional axim sync) its ok. not bad, not great

          however, it sucks in my carpc. im really dissapointed with bluetooth in general .
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            The D-link. Got three. All working perfect.
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