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Alternative location for backup cam??

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  • Alternative location for backup cam??

    okay, so I got a camera in and the FOV is only 65degrees even though the seller was claiming 100degrees. It does offer night vision, so I like the output, it is more than adequate for the $50 I paid on ebay.

    My thoughts are instead of implementing a camera system to just show me what is visible from a lower spot than I can see through the mirrors, why not install the camera in a location that would really help when parking. Parallel parking in downtown seems to happen a lot and especially when going out on the weekends it is dark... I would estimate that parallel parking occurs over 90% of the time on the right side of the car, so why not try to come up with a location that would help in parallel parking.

    So my first thoughts are to place the camera in a few different places.
    #1 to the left of the rear license plate but firing off at a 45 degree angle so that I can see the curb more clearly...
    #2 under the car firing backwards at that same 45 degrees to help judge where the tire and curb are...
    #3 crazy thought = downward & rearward firing from the passenger side rear view mirror...

    I am hoping to get some ideas from anyone who has seen other options or maybe has spent countless hours pondering the same thoughts... so feel free to spew, but let's stay on topic...
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    # 3 sounds ideal actually # 1 not so much & # 2 would be good but the tire kickup will always dirty the lens
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      #3 crazy thought = downward & rearward firing from the passenger side rear view mirror...
      This one is actually not that crazy... some luxury cars tilt the passenger side mirror down and in when you put the car in park, to help you with the curb. I'll tell you right now, it helps a lot.

      The only problem is that your camera would probably be rather noticeable out there though, even if it's small. What you need is a location where you can see the curb and the edge of the tire, since those are the reference points that are really helpful when parking. I'd say rear bumper looking forward at the outside edge of the tire would work too in a pinch, since just looking back without knowing how close you really are to the curb wouldn't help much.