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I present to you, The Cavillac Entertainment System (first test run)

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  • I present to you, The Cavillac Entertainment System (first test run)

    Well ... it's my first test run with this project I've been building up for what feels like FOREVER... and i'm very excited (giddy like a girl) that everything actually works. Here's all the information. If you have any questions or comments, let me know

    The carputer consists of:
    P4 2.0ghz
    512mb ram
    GeForce 2 GTS 32mb
    OPUS 150W DC-DC Power Supply
    Wifi w/ external antenna
    1Gb 80x CF to boot from
    slot loading DVD rom drive (will be mounted in dash)
    Mini Keyboard
    5" LCD (PSone hacked to except VGA inputs)

    Windows XP Pro
    Meedio (w/ plugin for D3, xamp visuals, custom skin)
    nvidia nvdvd decoders
    (I haven't optimized anything yet, this is basically my first test run to make sure everything works before I start tweaking. I plan to use nlite to slim down the OS, and do a horm setup with EWF and minlogon, and some various other tweaks, and load it all to my CF card.)

    Audio system:
    Pioneer DEH-P7700MP HU
    Infinity Reference 4x6 2-way Plate speakers (front)
    Infinity Reference 6x9 3-way Loud speakers (rear)
    Infinity Reference 4-Channel amp (110watts rms x 4 channels)
    1 Farad Cap
    4 Gauge power wire, and a grounding kit for under the hood.


    Future plans:
    As stated earlier, the computer is booting off of a standard harddrive with no optimizations or anything. I plan to use nLite to slim down the OS, and encorporate EWF and MinLogon and create a HORM setup, and load it all to my 1gig CF card. I may switch front ends in the future, but since I don't have a touch screen, or a 800x600 (or whatever the widescreen 7" screens are) most of the front ends aren't friendly on my display.

    I plan to hide the headunit somewhere (haven't figured that out) and relocate the faceplate. I plan on using cat5 cable, and soldering the individual wires to the pins, and mounting the faceplate somewhere (undecided).

    I will mount my 5" lcd in my dash behind a piece of plexiglass (blacking out the excess space with black vinyl on the back) where the headunit usually goes with windshield adhesive. I haven't figured out how I will mount the slim slot loading DVD rom drive in the dash yet... I'm guessing either above or below the LCD screen.

    I'm going to make lirc IR receiver and use this double sided playstation 2 DVD remote to control the computer, and use girder to act as the middle man between the IR Receiver and the OS.

    And finally ... I'll put LCD screens EVERYWHERE haha.. When I bought these sony PSone LCD screens, they were only $12 and some change, so I bought 9 of them haha. I'll put a screen in each of the head rests, maybe in the sun visors, and where ever else I can think of.