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mini fridge for carputer case

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  • mini fridge for carputer case

    I was just sitting in front of the computer on an xtra hot summer day and thought.

    Has anybody ever tried to put a computer in a cooler "mini fridge" that plugs into the cars dc power.

    that way it would keep your computer cold durring the summer, and if you lived in a extremely cold climate you could use the warming feature also. All you would have to do is make some holes in the door to run your cables. With the cooler you wouldnt need to run fans, and a cooler system is a better running system. So the lack of fans would equal the use of energy that the fridge used up, or at least it would help a little.

    Just a thought. and it would make a cool looking case.

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    This comes up every once in a while, and the main consensus is that condensation will be a problem.
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      I remember a thread abt this from a long while pudge points out.....your ATI card won't like being dunked in that moisture.....
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        Those cooler fridges don't cool that quick. I'd be surprised if if could remove the heat quicker than your PC puts it out.

        Search on "Peltiers" for other posts on this topic.
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          tried it already. It takes two hours to cool with the computer off. With the pc on the fridge cannot keep cool at all. This is what I did.

          cooler #1

          cooler #2

          computers I used


          Also used the epia m10000. Yes that too overheated in the coolers.
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            I have a little peltier frige I bought to try to keep my kid's drinks cold on long trips. It takes all day to cool down a little below ambient; I don't think it will do for a computer. It does build up a lot of condensation.